sage, sweetgrass, cedar ashes, wood and acrylic

The gallery installation of Aki builds upon the phrasing found in Land’s engraved bricks, informing the words further through materials and mode of display. Aki reflects upon the significance and preciousness of land and language to Indigenous peoples. These words, carefully stenciled using the ashes of three sacred medicines, elude to healing, cleansing, to starting anew. Working through the process of re-creating these acknowledgements requires patience, time and care so as to not disrupt. The decision to display this work, on plinths under the protection of clear vitrines, speaks as much to the value of these words in material form as it does to Anishinaabemowin, one of many Indigenous languages requiring protection following decades of attempted erasure via policies of assimilation.


Aylan Couchie_9367

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