Experimental media

giizhgaate (2020) [2:00 min]
maashi goon (2020) [5:28 min]
ni-zhaakami (2020) [1:11 min]

Experimental vignettes created as an extension to Listen to the Land (Nuit Blanche 2019) installation combining language with the experience of observation.

noodam na? (do you hear?) – detail
Audio for noondam na?

noondam na? (do you hear?) (2019)
sound & sculptural installation
iPod, fabric and embroidery thread

Across the world, Indigenous Nations fight for their land, their waters, their sovereignty.  Noondam na invites you to take in the layered voices of five Nations gathered in protest and song. From New Zealand to Standing Rock, Brazil to Hawaii – though separated by oceans and thousands of miles, their hearts drum in unison with each other, and with the earth. They fight for their rights, and, in doing so, our collective futures in this time of climate crisis.

Drumming to Nbisiing (2017) [2:55 min]

Created for OCAD University’s Global Experience Project – Isaac Julien (2017)
IAMD MFA Program (intended for 4-channel installation)
Recorded on the shores of Nbisiing – Nipissing First Nation
Performed by Kaiden Fontaine