Hi IG world. I’m working on a new projection installation….actually an entire series for a show coming in the Spring. It’s called “Things I’ve Lost Along The Way”. For me, it’s about losing pieces of yourself (personal items through breakage, lack of space and having to sell/donate, friends, lovers, people you miss). As part of this work, I want to collect and create a video installation of “Things YOU’VE Lost Along The Way”. It can be anything from mundane to personal, from funny to depressing. You can either tweet it using hashtag #tilart or put it on Instagram as above (with same hashtag – also I did not add my username but feel free to). I will be placing the work online in its own “gallery” as well as showing the work and the tweets/instagrams in my Spring show. Please participate and share this (it’s being copied to my Twitter @aylanx). This could be cathartic for some and I’m hoping it is. You can send as many as you like over the next few months. Get in on it if you can. #art #installation #fineart #gallery #TILART #videomedia #gallery #artist #exhibition — by the way. I made this with @instaquoteapp. #instaquote (at Barrie’s Water Front)

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Aylan Couchie is an Anishinaabe interdisciplinary artist and writer hailing from Nipissing First Nation in Northern Ontario.

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